Your well-being is at your own feet... 

We all probably already experimented this: pressing the plant of our feet with the fingertips after a tiring day puts us in a state of immediate well-being.

The reflexology is a reflex technique which consists in pressing, massaging and colliding various foot spots to rebalance the energy of organs through the nervous ways. Harmony and health depend on the good circulation of the energy in our body. In case we lose our balance, they help us to erase the blockings and release the energy flow. A bad circulation, a stagnation or a stop would provoke more unbalanced and organic disorders... The reflexology touches the person in the whole body : all bodyparts but also the psyche and the innerself. This technique is based on the fact that health is a whole and that symptom is nothing. The benefits of the foot reflexology are the following:

  • Dissolving crystals (uric acid, urates, oxalate) which hinder the energy circulation
  • Releasing the energy through the body
  • Improving the blood, lymphatic and nervous circulation locally and in all the body
  • Restoring the good organic and glandular functioning
  • Allowing a physical and psychological relaxation
  • Balancing the nervous system




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