Postural plumb system allows human being stability relative to outside world.

This feedback system provides a continuous muscular adaptation thanks to specific receptors situated into feet, inner ear and eyes. Tresholds of sensitivity to oscillations of the body differ depending on sensors.  

  • Feet contain cutaneous plantar sensors sensitive to small pressure variations of 300mg and detect relief of 5 microns. They are the first to be activated by a weak oscillation.
  • Eyes complete information while inner ear is not stimulated in standing position.  

The performance of this system keeps the projection of the center of gravity on the ground (Center Podal pressure) in an area of less than 1 cm2. It thus saves energy used to maintain extended muscle standing posture.  

Any dysfunction of this feedback system leads to areas of tensions within tissues (muscle, fascias, joints,…).  

Postural reprogramming is possible by manipulating the sensory receptors of the soles (soles posturopody) or by acting on the eyes (postural prisms).   The examination is performed by a posturopodist-posturologist recognized by the International Association of Posturology after a training of seven years at the Institute of Posturology of Paris .  

In practice, type of soles will be selected after a thorough review of approximately one hour (anamnesis, examination, clinical test, test items soles,…) after which treatment strategy is established. The soles are worn for a month until the second consultation necessary to check, improve or develop efficacy of the soles depending on reaction of the body to plantar stimulation.  

An annual visit is recommended in order to check if soles are still appropriate.


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