At the moment, the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one of the best techniques to remove the inelegant hair. 
Coupled with the radiofrequency the IPL: represents a real comfort for the patient, is painless and swift results are visible 
This technique is totally safe and invisible 

At the moment, this technique is the sole which permits a permanent hair removal for all hair types and all skin types(except the dark black ones). 



How does Elos System work?

  • The system of hair removal "Elos " uses the synergy of the pulsed light coupled with the radio frequency. The head of the equipment is applied on the surface of the skin and in an impulse, simultaneously both energies destroy hundreds of hairy follicles with a maximum comfort for the patient.

Does "Elos " treat all skin types and hair colours?

  • Due to his unique technology, the system allows to treat all skin colours and all the types of hair, from the lightest to the darkest (except grey), without affecting the melanin of the skin. Only the very dark typical phototypes VI ( Fritzpatrick) will be avoided.

"Elos ", a definitive treatment?

  • "Elos ", due to the revolutionary technology, guarantees a definitive and painless hair removal. "Aurora" is 20 to 30 % more efficient than all other laser and flash lamp techniques for treating hair removal.

Where does this new technology come from? ?

  • " Elos " arises from the scientists latest research in aesthetic medicine such as intense light and radio frequencies.

What are the differences between this technology and the electrolysis?

  • The main difference is the following one: in electrolysis, every hair is individually handled while the laser can reach several hairy follicles at the same time. The FDA ( US Food and Drug Administration) approved several lasers for the removal of hair (such as diodes, pulsed light), by basing itself on clinical trials which demonstrate a permanent reduction of the hairs and this two years later. The treatment by removal of hair with the laser is more practical, less comfortable, more effective and is probably a less expensive method for a permanent removal of hair.

Which zones does "Elos " depilate?

  • Elos has an effect on the following body parts : torso, armpits, legs, chin, bikini, face, nose, ears, arms, back, shoulders. Only eyebrows cannot be treated.

How many sessions are needed?

  • The number of sessions varies according to the pilosity, the skin colour, hair type, and their location on the body. Generally, five to seven sessions are necessary.

Is it for anybody?

  • All the persons wishing to eliminate an annoying pilosity can follow a depilatory treatment except pregnant women and teenagers under sixteen.

Are there any side effects?

  • Most of the patients do not suffer from side effects. Some people could notice a local redness, but their skin will get back to normal after one or two hours and go on with your activities right after the session.

Who can't follow the treatment?

The following patients :

  • Those treated with photosensitive medecines (ex: roaccutane). In which case, the treatment can start three months after the end of the treatment.
  • Those treated for different cutaneous diseases (ex: psoriasis, vitiligo).
  • Those treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • Those whose face was treated with a peeling containing glycolic acid (the waiting time is of three months) or phenol (the waiting time is of one year).

Is it painful?

  • The traditional removal of hair as well as the laser sometimes hurt. The "electro-optics" energy is almost painless and causes a temporary light sensation of itching.

What do you need to respect before the treatment?

  • The prolonged exposure to the sun or the solarium must be avoided three weeks before and after the session. Any removal of hair with wax or eletric device should be avoided until two weeks before the treatment. The day before the treatment, the treated area should be shaved.

What are the results ?

  • Complete destruction of the hair roots.
  • Miniaturization of the bulb.
  • The hair doesn't grow back and is sort of 'sleeping'.

Several sessions are necessary to obtain a satisfactory removal of hair (90 % of the pilosity is reached in five or seven sessions).

What is the post care treatment?

  • An extremely moisturizing cream (Biophadine) must be used after the session two or three times during two days and make up is allowed. You may go back to your daily activities right after the treatment.

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