NAET® : "What are allergies?"

From a Western medical standpoint, an allergy is characterized as an exaggerated response of the immune system.

In NAET®, allergies are approached holistically, drawing from oriental medical principles. An allergy manifests as an unusual sensitivity of an individual to one or more substances that might be harmless to the majority. To someone with allergies, the allergenic substance (referred to as an allergen) is perceived by the brain as a threat to the body’s well-being.

Therefore, in our context, an allergy is described in terms of its impact on the body's energetic flow. Allergies occur due to misplaced energy within the body, resulting in reduced health for one or more organs. Upon contact with an allergen, it obstructs the energy pathways known as meridians or disrupts the normal flow of energy through the body's electrical circuits. This blockage leads to interference in communication between the brain and body via the nervous system, serving as the initial step in triggering an allergic reaction.

What are NAET® Treatment procedures and how do they work?

Following a diagnosis using standard medical tests, computerized testing (NAET®ER), and kinesiological muscle response testing, a systematic treatment procedure is initiated. This involves mild stimulation of the central nervous system in the presence of each allergen to reprogram the brain with new messaging. Acupressure around the spine, which stimulates the nerves transmitting messages to and from the brain to various organs and tissues throughout the body, is typically employed, yielding successful outcomes for most patients.

Remarks: all these considerations were developed by the concerned practitioners; they engage not at all the other therapists of the center of HCMC sprl; all these data are published as information.

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