It is important that pregnant women talk about their anxieties, their fears with their therapist in order to be reassured.

Discover the benefits of prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy:

During Pregnancy: From the fifth month of pregnancy onwards, our specialized physiotherapist accompanies you for a harmonious pregnancy and optimal childbirth preparation. During these sessions, you will learn:

  • Signs indicating when to go to the maternity ward
  • Effective breathing techniques during contractions
  • The most comfortable positions during labor
  • The use of therapeutic balls during childbirth
  • Pushing methods for a smooth delivery

Future fathers are welcome, and moments of well-being are also dedicated to expectant mothers with massage sessions, sophrology, and breastfeeding advice.

During Childbirth: Your physiotherapist can provide psychological support during childbirth. By using different positions with the ball and offering relaxation exercises, she will make the hours of labor more bearable. These positions naturally stimulate contractions, thus facilitating the baby's descent into the mother's pelvis. The father can also be involved throughout the process.

After Childbirth: One month after birth, postnatal physiotherapy sessions help you regain a flat stomach and a toned silhouette through hypopressive gymnastics. This program also aims to prevent urinary incontinence and prolapse problems by strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Pre and postnatal Pilates sessions are also offered in Kraainem.



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