Microkinesitherapy is a specific manual technique which helps the body to defend and correct itself when suffering from traumatic, emotional, toxic, viral, microbial or environmental attacks.

Microkinesitherapy helps searching for the old and new scars left by these aggressions within the organism tissues. It avoids tissue degradation and restores its function. It is a soft therapy by micro palpation and thus named, microkinesiyherapy. It is necessary to distinguish it from the energetic techniques such as the hands apposition, osteopathy or acupuncture.


Who can benefit from microkinesitherapy ?

This technique is addressed to anyone eager to find the cause of deterioration or dysfunction at the origin of the disease. By removing the original inscription (which can have a psychological, traumatic, bacterial, viral, toxic or environmental cause), the symptoms are removed and then body can thus naturally eliminate the memories that weaken the system. It is a complementary technique to traditional medicine that does not replace the prescribed treatments. Any person can benefit from it, whatever the age and the phase of the disease. In conclusion, this thechnique serves both care and prevention.


How does a session work ?

After explaining what has been troubling you, you will sit on the table, bare feet. Through a precise micro palation, the therapist will be able to identify the dysfunction and inform the sytsem that a scar exists. That will help the body to first find the shock memory, focus on it and definitely erase it. With this technique, you enable your body to ease the pain but also prevent the dysfunction to come back, move or degenerate.


Recommendations after the session

The body working implies a light tiredness for a day or two so make sure you plan to rest after the session (no long driving or physical exercise of any kind). In order to improve faster, drink 1,5 to 2L of water a day within the two days after the session. This will help you eliminate beter.


How many sessions are necessary ?

Only one session of microkinesitherapy is usually necessary. One or two sessions can be added in the following weeks and preventive sessions may be planned afterwards.





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