Neurological Kinesitherapy deals with the reeducation and the readaptation of patients with acute neurological condition or chronic conditions.


Neuropediatry Kinesitherapy

Neuropediatry kinesitherapy allows children with cerebral lesions to maximize the development of their range of motion by developing their cerebral motion potential.The therapist will attempt to develop the children motion abilities by means of “the specific reeducation where the use of motion will be triggered by voluntary control with the goal of modifying the abnormal postures and by the execution of gestures and postures" Concretely, it is about exploiting the potential automatic motion of range and modifying the pathological motion by establishing new voluntary motion strategies that will allow:

  • To acquire a better motion functionality and autonomy
  • To prevent the pathological motions from becoming necessary
  • To learn a variety of motions and to adapt to different ones
  • To prevent all damage of the orthopedic structure (muscle, bone and joint)

Neurological Kinesitherapy for adults:

Neurological Kinesitherapy for adults deals with the reeducation and the readaptation of patients with acute neurological condition or chronic conditions such as vascular, cranial, medullary lesions, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson or polyneuropathies. It constitutes the basis of the reeducation of these neurological conditions that are becoming pervasive and that often trigger motor deficits (sometimes sensitive or even psychologically mixed). The principal objectives of reeducation are the prevention of defeating attitudes and the development of the range of motion. The methods used are essentially active and passive mobilization, the postures and proprioceptives techniques. These methods are adapted to the neurological lesions and to the patient’s deficit with the intent to conserve or to recover functionality in the personal, professional and social areas.



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