"The hand is the instrument of instruments." Aristote, De Anima

 Reflect of our mood, our profession, our culture, the first defense against the unknown, but mainly a token of openness, our hands often reveal more than words. In sport, music, or just everyday life, we do not realize how our hand is useful, until it is disabled. This is why rehabilitating it optimally is crucial. Physical therapy fits perfectly after

  • Surgery (Dupuytren, trigger finger, carpal tunnel, flexor tendon suture or expanders, etc.)
  • Immobilization (plaster, splint)
  • Trauma (fractured wrist, fractured, sprained or dislocated finger, etc.)
  • A motor problem (epicondylitis, epitrochleitis, de Quervain tendinitis, nerve compression, etc.).

From the fingertip to the elbow, everything is done to recover as quickly as possible through various techniques, such as hook, massage, mobilization, targeted exercises, the neuro-meningeal stretching technique called Butler, etc. But also, and very importantly, techniques will be provided to the patient to extend at home the progress made during the session.



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