The temporo-mandible joint commonly called jaw,

is what connects the mandible to the temporal (cranial) bone. According to studies, the pain triggered by this joint afflicts 30 to 50% of the adult population at any point in their lives. The ethiopathology is triggered by many factors but is mainly related to uncoordinated or overstressed muscular tension that is responsible for lesions of the ligaments and the capillaries as well as those of disks and muscles. Quite often, the pain comes with specific cracking sounds.

Reeducation of the temporo-mandible (jaw)

What are the indication of the maxillo-facial kinesitherapy of the jaw?

  • Trouble with the meniscus
  • After arthroscopy
  • Various contusions, dislocation of the temporo-mandible
  • After surgery of the temporo-mandible
  • After facial fracture or fracture of the temporo-mandible
  • Post traumatic facial paralysis
  • After an osteotomy rehabilitation
  • After an hemiresection of the mandible

The goals of this kinesitherapy are

  • Restoration of the range of motion of the jaw
  • Decrease of pain, contractions and edema
  • Recuperate normal muscle tone




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