Neurological Kinesitherapy deals with the reeducation and the readaptation of patients with acute neurological condition or chronic conditions.

Neurological Physiotherapy for Adults

Neurological physiotherapy for adults addresses the rehabilitation and re-adaptation of patients with acute or chronic neurological conditions. These conditions include strokes, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson's disease, and polyneuropathies. It serves as a fundamental aspect of rehabilitating these increasingly common disorders, which often result in motor deficits, sensory impairments, or a combination thereof, and sometimes psychological issues. The primary rehabilitation goals include preventing maladaptive postures and enhancing the patient's motor abilities. Techniques commonly employed include passive and active mobilizations, postural training, and proprioceptive techniques. These methods must be tailored to the patient's specific neurological impairments and deficits to preserve or restore optimal functionality in their daily, professional, and social lives.

Neuropediatric Physiotherapy

Neuropediatric physiotherapy aims to maximize functional motor development in children with cerebral lesions by effectively utilizing their cerebral motor potential. Therapists work to advance these children's functional skills through specific learning experiences, where the activation of automatic motor activities is paired with voluntary control to modify abnormal postural regulation and movement execution. In practical terms, this involves optimizing innate automatic motor potential and modifying pathological motor organization by establishing new voluntary motor strategies that enable:

  • Improved functionality for greater independence,
  • Prevention of abnormal preferential motor patterns from becoming obligatory,
  • Diversification of motor skills to allow movements to be performed in multiple different and adaptive ways (e.g., adopting a seated position),
  • Prevention of any degradation in orthopedic structure (muscular, articular, and skeletal).



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