Botox Botulinum Toxin

Used since 1980 in neuro-ophthalmology for the treatment of strabismus and blepharospasm, the indication of botulinum toxin has rapidly expanded to other areas: cervical dystonia, hemifacial spasm, writer's cramp and muscle spasms in areas gastroenterology, urology, proctology, gynecology ... The fortuitous discovery of the positive effect of botulinum toxin on wrinkles was a leap forward in aesthetic medicine. Botulinum toxin has rapidly made a prominent place in the panoply of treatments for upper face. Boasting 18 years of experience in neuro-ophthalmology, injections of botulinum toxin in aesthetic, using doses 10 times less often, have proved extremely effective on glabellar lines (frown lines), forehead and bridle. The action of botulinum toxin comes from its property to induce muscle relaxation durable. Clinical relaxation induced by botulinum toxin settles in 1-14 days. This relaxation is limited in time. Treatment with botulinum toxin must be repeated after 3-8 months. During the phase of muscular inactivity, however, have decreased wrinkles and skin retraction is gradually diminished so that each new treatment reduces somewhat the importance of wrinkles treated. Botulinum toxin is also used to remove excessive sweating in the armpits. Wrinkle fillers: Hyaluronic Acid Stress, overwork and fatigue can be read on your face. These small wrinkles that added charm to your dig, tissues collapse ... These marks give a dull and sad that it is now possible to fight. Injected gel crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid is better tolerated and the most commonly used filling wrinkles. Naturally present in the body, Hyaluronic Acid is present in the dermis and helps hydration and elasticity. Very hygroscopic, it can hold up to a thousand times its weight in water. With age, there is a slowdown in hyaluronic acid synthesis by fibroblasts. Skin less resistant to external aggressions inflicted by stretching and repeated movements of the facial muscles. Surface wrinkles appear and fractures form at the wrinkles. By a single intradermal injection of hyaluronic acid, imperfections and wrinkles can now be corrected and be réourlées lips. There is no pre-test to be performed before the first injection. The results are immediate and excellent. The effects of hyaluronic acid diminish after about 6 months, sometimes 8 months.


Mesolift technique is to inject with a fine needle along superficial wrinkles and over the entire surface of the face in a grid. Injection technique is the use of "hand / syringe" or electronic gun, we make microphones Intra Dermo Superficial papules in the wake of the ride by injecting about 1/20 ml or is done according Epidermal technique. PRODUCTS USED IN MÉSOLIFT The classic Mesolift a mixture nutritive and revitalizing may include, depending on the patient, vitamins, minerals, vasodilators, calcitonin. The filling Mesolift by cons, is only with non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid. MAINTENANCE OF THE SESSION MÉSOLIFT To get a good result, it is good to renew the session every month. The association with a mask vitamin A acid or a multivitamin Mesomasque is excellent. RESULT OF MÉSOLIFT It depends on the indication. The Mesolift is indicated especially for thin skin, dry, dull, asphyxiated skin of smokers and hyperpigmentation. In these cases, the result is wonderful, the skin recolors, the complexion takes shine, wrinkles diminish. DURATION OF INTERVENTION MÉSOLIFT The duration of the intervention Mesolift is 20 minutes. Other protocols are practiced in combination with masks vitamin A acid, and especially the Mesolift may be increased by placing a mask prior multivitamin thermo active. OUR OPINION ON MÉSOLIFT The Mesolift contains only natural products. It prevents aging of the face and treats skin condition (bang). A renewed.

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