What is Mesotherapy?

These are local injections of drugs, made through the skin, very superficial and very painful. These injections can be intra-epidermal, intradermal superficial or deep between 1 and 13 mm). • With needle 4 to 13 mm long • Using disposable equipment: technical "manual" with syringe and needle or technical "assisted" with the help of an electronic injector.  

What does it take in syringes?

Also the products used in general medicine, available in pharmacies but multiple injections and in very small quantities: relaxants, antioedémateux, anti-inflammatory drugs, vasodilators, calcitonin, poly vitamins, etc..Never cortisone.  

Is it a health hazard?

All antiseptic precautions are routinely taken. No risk of viral hepatitis and HIV. Side effects are infrequent and usually mild.  

What can it treat?

• The pain of osteoarthritis, the "back pain", rheumatic pain. • The neuralgia, headaches and migraines. • disorders of blood circulation (legs). • sports injuries (sprains, tendonitis, sprains, contractures). • The dermatological (hair loss, fibrotic scars).

Who cares for you it?

• Everyone priori. • Children. • Adults. • The elderly, especially those that use a lot of drugs, willing and able to try another route of administration of drugs.

Directions | Pain

Sport-Traumatology tendinopathy sprains contractures, sprains, strains periostitis périméniscites osteochondrosis fractures RSD -Rheumatology impingement arthritic diseases Dupuytren's contracture Carpal tunnel syndrome Morton's disease -Spinal disorders lumbago, torticollis, dorsalgo NCB, sciatica, cruralgia low back pain neck joint Common back pain Directions | General Medicine Some pathologies of General Practice will benefit in addition to medical reference treatment with mesotherapy for analgesic: migraines, headaches dizziness venous insufficiency irritable bowel syndrome Directions | Dermatology alopecia fibrous scars

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