Sexology and sexologist in Brussels "Sexology is perfectly natural, but it is not naturally perfect" (François De Carufel). Sexuality is often a topic that is neglected, especially when it comes to addressing potential problems. Indeed, sharing a concern related to sexuality remains delicate, even

Short therapy is a method for the active resolution of interpersonal problems. "Discover Brief Therapy: An Active Approach to Solving Your Problems Brief therapy offers a dynamic method for overcoming life's challenges. Everyone encounters difficulties at some point. When these challenges persist

Personal counseling If you have any difficulty or problem: -          in making choices (professional choice, in a relationship, …) -          of  self confidence -          of sadness -          following a break-up -          of depression -         

HCMC Kraainem

Health and Care Medical Center - Kraainem

Avenue de Wezembeek, 106 – 1950 Kraainem
(Bruxelles à 2 pas de Stockel Woluwe Wezembeek Oppem
accès rapide depuis l’ OTAN)

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