LPG therapy is used for lymphatic drainage and for scaring treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels parallel to arteries and veins that ensures circulation. It consists of lymph, a fluid derived from blood, which returns to the bloodstream through lymphatic vessels. This system is crucial for fundamental cellular exchanges and plays a significant role in blood circulation.

Lymphatic drainage technique involves redirecting excess fluid accumulated in edematous areas to healthy lymphatic territories. It promotes the elimination of lymphatic toxins by mobilizing lymphatic tissues, transporting toxins to the circulatory system, and then to excretory organs.

The LPG® technique simultaneously addresses edema and fibrosis. It releases fibrous masses from connective tissue, occurring due to chronological aging, post-trauma, or in response to undrained interstitial edema.

Indications for lymphatic drainage include localized lymphedematous conditions such as "swollen arm" after breast cancer surgery, varicose vein surgery, or cosmetic surgery, edema due to trauma (sprain, leg fracture), edema during rheumatic inflammatory diseases, circulatory disorders, heavy legs, and water retention.

Scar Treatment

The LPG® technique demonstrates a predominant "defibrotic" effect, becoming a valuable tool in scar treatment. Cellu M6 facilitates drainage and mobilization of scar tissues compared to underlying planes, defibrosing to release cutaneous corpuscles and soften even old scars.


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