LPG therapy is used for lymphatic drainage and for scaring treatment.

 Lymphatic drainage 

  • The lymphatic system is a vascular system, parallel to the arteries and the veins that insures circulation. It is constituted by the lymph, liquid coming out of the blood, that goes back in the blood stream through the lymphatic vascular system.
  • This system is essential in the fundamental exchanges of our cellular life and plays an important role in the blood circulation
  • The lymphatic draining system supplies the lymphatic areas without accumulating excess lymph liquid in the edema areas
  • It favors the elimination of toxins in the lymph by mobilizing the lymphatic tissues. This moves the toxins towards the blood system and the excreting organs.
  • The technique, LPG, has a concomitant effect on the edema and the fibrosis. It liberates the fibrosis masses of the conjunctive tissues that is triggered by aging or by a trauma or by a reaction to an interstitial edema that wasn’t drained.
  • The indications of lymphatic draining are localized: for example a ‘fat arm’ after a surgery from breath cancer, after varicose vein surgery or plastic surgery or from an edema due to a trauma (a sprain, a fracture) or an edema caused by a rheumatoid inflammation or by circulatory troubles or even by heavy legs or water retention.

Scaring treatment

  • LPG technique has a defibrosing effect wich is a precious tool in the treatment of scares. The M6 Cellu helps draining and mobilizing the damaged tissues in relation to the sub adjacents tissues, a defribrosing that allows the release of cutaneous corpuscles and a softening of the scares, even old ones.



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