Personal counseling

If you have any difficulty or problem: -          in making choices (professional choice, in a relationship, …) -          of  self confidence -          of sadness -          following a break-up -          of depression -          of anxiety -          …


Couple counseling

  When is couple counseling needed? When partners wish to undertake a personal work for getting rid of suffering in which they seem to be glued Suffering linked to communication problems, to child birth, to relationship with teenagers, money issues, job loss, unemployment, partner cheating, retirement, recomposed family, partner depression, … But also: When partners wish to think about their relationship together, when they wish to re-think, question, redefine their relation as a couple Couple therapy or couple counseling aims at bringing back harmony in the relationship with the partner while taking each other’s demands and wishes into account

Family counseling

  If you have any relation difficulty: -          between parents and children -          within the family -          …

Generally speaking:

After 5 sessions, I formulate a “contract” with the person(s) in counseling and I clarify with them their main request so as to establish a “counseling contract” 





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