Did you know that a chiropodist/podologist can probably help you?

Discover specialized podiatry procedures, as a complement to the treatments described on our pedicure page:


Orthoplasties, made of silicone, provide protection and effective correction of forefoot deformities such as hallux valgus or toe clawing. They alleviate pain, reduce deformities, and prevent uncomfortable friction with shoes. Wearing orthoplasties does not restrict the choice of footwear.


This technique involves applying a correction thread to nails whose excessive curvature may cause ingrown toenails. It guides nail growth painlessly and permanently through traction on the nail edges.


Using resins, onychoplasties enable partial or complete reconstruction of damaged or broken nails.

Course of the consultation:

The consultation begins with an anamnesis to understand the reasons for the visit, medical history, activities performed, and shoe habits. Then, the examination of the feet includes observing the skin, nails, and any osteo-articular deformities.

Don't forget to bring 1 or 2 pairs of shoes that you regularly wear for an accurate evaluation.

Our podiatrists, trained to treat patients with risk factors such as diabetes and arthritis, provide tailored care for your specific needs.


For Appointment, you can directly use this link: https://www.doctoranytime.be/d/podologue/marceau-bergiers





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