This type of reeducation is specific and applies to individuals who experience vertigo and balance problems of vestibular origins.

Impressive and painless, the treatment is excessively effective and fulfills quite well the expectations of those whose quality of life has been limited. Vertigo is the illusion of movement. It gives the impression that the surroundings are whirling as if one was experiencing a pseudo-inebriation episode. The lenght of the condition doesn't forbid the treatment. These problems can usually be resolved within a few sessions.

The most frequent treatment for dizzy spells:

  • Benign positional paroxysmal vertigo, VPPB, the most frequent one, is an intense dizzy spell that lasts a few seconds and that is triggered by specific head positions such as turning the head or inclining it forward or backward. This type of dizzy spell is associated with the displacement of little crystals, the otolithes, in the semi-circularly channels of the inner ear. These vertigos heal themselves with specific liberating manipulations.
  • Vestibular neuritis is a vertigo that might last a few hours to a few days. It can be triggered by a virus. The patient feels a great imbalance and an inebriating-like sensation that can prevent him or her from walking straight. A vertigo specific reeducation will teach the patient to find his or her balance and will limit the extend of the vertigos.




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