Sexology and sexologist in Brussels

"Sexuality is perfectly natural, but isn't naturally perfect" (François De Carufel) People are not always able to talk easily about their sexuality when they need to confront a problem. Indeed, discussing a sexual concern to someone is very difficult, and is still even a taboo for most of us. Nevertheless, a sexual problem could have a huge impact on the wellbeing of the person as well as to the harmonious relationship of the couple. Consulting a sexologist gives you the opportunity to talk openly and sincerely about many problems such as erection or premature ejaculation or to simply talk about problems linked to desire or pleasure. With a sexologist, you will also be able to talk about specific problems relating to your relationship as a couple. The sexologist will listen to you without making any judgment. He will help improve your self-confidence which will lead you to a more fulfilled sexual life. How to make the first step? Just dare to talk about it, purely and simply. [praticiens title="Psychotherapist"]


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