" Osteopathy is a manual diagnostic and therapeutic approach of the dysfonctions of articular and tissular mobility,

within the framework of their participation in the appearance of the diseases ".

As explained it this "official" definition, osteopathy is a medicine that facilitates a global approach of the human being. The practice includes all the knowledge of the actual available sciences for the understanding of the human system.

This knowledge stimulates or restores the physiological mechanisms of the balance before the pathological processes.

The specificity consists in the use of the methods and manual technics with the aim of restoring the mobility. Although it is preferable to be a physiotherapist (or doctor) to start studying osteopathy, it is necessary to draw the attention on the fact that osteopathy is not a specialization of the physiotherapy. Osteopathy and physiotherapy are fundamentally connected.

The osteopathic reasoning is based on the research for the links between the mechanical disorders of our bones, muscles and resultant organs and the diseases of these disturbances or " osteopathic hurt ".

As osteopathy helps restoring the body function, it can also act in a curative way but even more in a preventing way. Indeed, the indications of an osteopathic treatment are very large. It is an alternative medicine indicated for both children and adults, the elderly as well as sportsmen.

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