" Osteopathy is a manual diagnostic and therapeutic approach of the dysfonctions of articular and tissular mobility,

Lumbago or Low Back Pain: Consult a Certified Osteopath for Your Joint Pain!

If you're suffering from lumbago or low back pain, seeking advice from an osteopath can be beneficial. Schedule an appointment with a recognized osteopath for a diagnostic and therapeutic manual approach to joint and tissue mobility dysfunctions.

According to the official definition, osteopathy is a medicine that addresses joint and tissue mobility dysfunctions in a holistic manner, integrating them into their role in the onset of diseases.

This approach promotes a comprehensive view of the human being, utilizing all current knowledge of sciences to understand the individual's functioning. The art of osteopathy lies in applying this knowledge to stimulate or restore physiological homeostasis mechanisms in the face of pathological processes.

Osteopathy distinguishes itself through the use of various manual methods and techniques aimed at restoring mobility. While osteopathy studies are ideally undertaken by physiotherapists or doctors, it's important to note that osteopathy is not a specialization of physiotherapy. Both approaches are complementary rather than contradictory.

Osteopathic reasoning is based on seeking cause-and-effect relationships between mechanical disorders of bones, muscles, and organs, and the diseases resulting from these disturbances, commonly referred to as "osteopathic lesions."

By restoring function, osteopathy can act for curative and preventive purposes, significantly expanding the indications for osteopathic treatment. As a gentle medicine, it is suitable for all age groups, from childhood to the elderly, as well as for athletes.

You can take an appointment on https://www.doctoranytime.be/d/osteopathe/alexis-guidez




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