Photo-rejuvenation permits treatment of the face imperfections as the passing time effects.

IPL gradually eliminates sun and age spots while also removing small vascular lesions such as angiomas, port wine stains, and telangiectasias (dilated blood vessels). Additionally, it restores the skin's radiant and healthy appearance.

E-Light, the ultimate in facial care, combines versatility (performing various tasks), technology (clinically tested and proven to give the desired rejuvenated appearance), reliability (endorsed by medical technologies), safety, and comfort (of the highest level to ensure your well-being throughout the treatment). E-Light revitalizes the epidermal structure by reducing unsightly vascular and pigmented lesions while reshaping contours.

It tightens the skin of the face, chest, hands, and other body areas by erasing enlarged pores, marks, and discolorations. You'll feel rejuvenated with your skin's radiant and healthier appearance.

Couperose, pigmentation spots, and fine lines increasingly concern both men and women, aging and dulling the skin. Additionally, they appear at an age that is always too early. Sun exposure, hormonal changes, and aging are the main factors contributing to their appearance.

The need for prevention and removal becomes more pressing. This sun exposure accelerates skin imperfections related to aging. Sun spots and unsightly blood vessels are characterized by darker pigmentation. elōs uses this pigmentation to treat these imperfections.

Pigmented and vascular spots diminish and eventually disappear.

The medical device E-Light plays a role in the photorejuvenation process through pulsed light combined with radiofrequency. The E-Light system utilizes advanced techniques whose efficacy has been scientifically proven. Couperose as well as pigmentation spots are quickly and permanently eliminated.

The treatment is suitable for eliminating leg veins, spider veins, and age spots. The E-Light treatment involves scanning the entire face with combined pulses for about thirty minutes. Skin imperfections are eliminated, and its elasticity is restored, contributing to relief and a fresh, youthful complexion for tired faces. This non-ablative treatment is a gentle technique that stimulates dermal factors promoting natural collagen production without damaging the skin. The photorejuvenation system targets the skin's three main components: pigments (melanin), water, and hemoglobin (blood).

The photorejuvenation process significantly contributes to improving the cosmetic appearance of the skin and the quality of the dermis. It generally consists of 3 to 4 sessions spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart without any painful stage. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after the session.

Beauty and Skin Radiance The elōs technology (a combination of Bipolar Radio Frequency and Light) treats superficial vascular lesions as well as pigmentary lesions - Telangiectasias, Rosacea, Poikiloderma, and Angioma.

Strong absorption by different targets (hemoglobin or pigmentary lesions) with very low absorption by surrounding tissues. Energies selectively warm vessels with minimal effects on pigmentation. The applicator has continuous cooling that ensures maximum protection of the epidermis and patient comfort. Bipolar RF of the elōs technology circulates between the two electrodes of the applicator delivering maximum energy to the target being treated.

Safety The combination of energies offers a complete skin treatment solution: a reduction in required energy that provides effective results safely. Experience shows that side effects are almost nonexistent. Sometimes, slight local redness or swelling may persist for a few days. No social downtime is expected. Photorejuvenation treatment that erases fine lines! "At the end of the treatment, my skin will be more elastic, smoother, and free from imperfections!"

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Remarks: all these questions & answers were developed by the firm which put this system of hair removal on the market; they engage not at all the therapists of the center of HCMC sprl; all these data are published as information.

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