Photo-rejuvenation permits treatment of the face imperfections as the passing time effects.

Thanks to the IPL, sun and aging stains disappear.
It also permits to get rid of the vascular lesions telles les such as angiomas, strawberry mark, telangiectasias (dilated blood vessel),…

Moreover, it gives a brighter and healthier skin. 

Elos cleanses your skin from all the blotches and vascular imperfections you may have in order to reveal your true beauty.

E-Light, the ultimate discovery in facial skincare associates :

  • Multi-tasking.
  • Technology (clinically tested and proven to give you a younger look.
  • Reliability (guaranteed by medical technologies).
  • Safety and comfort (of the highest level to assure your well-being during the treatment).

E-Light revitalizes the epidermic structure by erasing the vascular and pigmentary spots while remodelling the face outlines. It firms up the skin of the face, the breast and the hands and the other body areas by erasing the dilated pores, the spots and the decolorization.  

Blotchiness, pigmentation and the small wrinkles concern and worry more and more men and women. Age has also an effect on the skin and the spots always appear too early!

The sun, the hormonal modifications and age are the main factors contributing to their appearance. The need of prevention and their elimination becomes more and more pressing. Besides, sun exposure accelerates the cutaneous imperfections. Sunspots and damaged vessels are characterized by a darker pigmentation.

Elos uses the same pigmentation to treat these imperfections. Pigmentary and vascular spots eventually fade away.   The E-Light system uses state-of-the-art and scientifically proven techniques. The blotchiness as well as the pigmentation spots are quickly and definitively erased. The treatment also eliminates varicose veins, microvessels and old spots.

The E-Light technique consists in a thirty minute scan of the whole face by means of combined impulses. The imperfections of the skin are eliminated and its elasticity is restored. This treatment is a soft technique that stimulates skin factors and facilitates the manufacturing of natural collagen without damaging the skin.

The system of fotofacial acts on three targets of the skin which are pigments (melanin), water and haemoglobin (the blood). The fotofacial process contributes widely to improving the cosmetic aspect of the skin and its quality. It includes generally 5 to 7 painless sessions separated from 2 to 4 weeks. You may resume your daily activities right after the session.

The Beauty and the brightness of the Skin.   The Elos technology (an association of Radio bipolar frequency and light) processes the vascular and superficial spot as well as the pigmentary lesion - Telangiectasies, Rosacea, Poikilodermie and Angioma. A strong absorption by the various targets (the haemoglobin or the pigmentary spots) with a very weak absorption by surrounding tissues. The energies warm up the vessels and reduce them.   The applicator has a nonstop cooling effect which assures a maximal protection of the skin and a comfort for the patient. The bipolar RF of the Elos technology circulates between both electrodes of the applicator, delivering a maximum energy in the treated area.

The safety   The association of energies offers a total relieve for the skin: a reduction of required energy that causes efficient results in a safely way. The experience shows that the side effects are almost non-existent. Several times, a small local redness or a light bump can persist for a couple of days.   The fotofacial technique erases the small wrinkles!   " At the end of the cure, my skin was more elastic, smoother and presented no imperfection! "

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Remarks: all these questions & answers were developed by the firm which put this system of hair removal on the market; they engage not at all the therapists of the center of HCMC sprl; all these data are published as information.

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