Massage therapy is a traditional that consists in applying precise and rhythmic hand movements to different body parts.

In a convenient and relaxing athmosphere, a massage with essential oils and soft music will rock you outside of time.

Offer a moment of well-being to your body. Massage therapy is a traditional that consists in applying precise and rhythmic hand movements to different body parts. While the benefitsof massage are well proven, choosing a good massage can be difficult without having some knowledge in that domain.   Discovering the different techniques used as well as the specificity of each type of massage can help you have a better understanding.  


Aromatherapy massage 

Massages with essential oils have been practiced since the very ancient times.Because both the benefits of massages and the benefits of essential oils are combined, they provide relaxation, tonic effects, relief, pleasure, and boost the immune system, depending on the essential oils used.


Californian massage

This is the most popular massage. It is a sensual full-body massage. A classic that is perfect for people who are still learning about massage therapy. It is given using massage different oils.


Swedish massage

This is massage of the far North. It can be compared to the image we often have of Scandinavians energizing and effective. As it can very well perceived, this is a sport massage, which focuses on the muscles using many technique including kneading, friction, percussion.  


Lomi lomi (AKA HAWAIIAN)

This massage that comes from the islands. It will seduce you with its exotic qualities it is a delicate massage but proven to be energetic. It is also based on traditional beliefs on the defferent energies of the body. It is both a body massage as well as a mind one, which will leave you relaxed and in a meditative state.



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