Do you have questions about fertility, pregnancy and pregnancy preparation ?

Do you want to know more about childbirth -labor and delivery- and postpartum care ? Do you need medically sound, practical information and monitoring to support you during this natural, extraordinary but potentially overwhelming period ?

Expert advice and support is a great help during this period, especially when the pregnancy doesn't work out exactly as you've planned. As a professional midwife, I provide  prenatal consultation and care throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery and during the postpartum period; a care that includes emotional support and instruction with breastfeeding. When required, care is offered in cooperation with other experienced health care professionals. A midwife is with you every step of the way, providing care and support before, during and after childbirth. I work with you to give you confidence in your own possibilities, sustain you in your personal   decisions for the kind of care you desire and lay the foundation for a harmonious and balanced birth experience. I respond to your questions and concerns with patience, knowledge and understanding. From questions about fertility to breastfeeding, I offer advice and support important to you, your baby, your partner and your family. Welcome!


CURIAS Martine

HCMC Kraainem

Health and Care Medical Center - Kraainem

Avenue de Wezembeek, 106 – 1950 Kraainem
(Bruxelles à 2 pas de Stockel Woluwe Wezembeek Oppem
accès rapide depuis l’ OTAN)

HCMC Boitsfort

Health and Care Medical Center - Boitsfort

Dries, 53 – 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort
(Bruxelles à 2 pas d’Ixelles av Louise Uccle Auderghem Etterbeek
très accessible depuis la commission européenne)

HCMC Evere

Health and Care Medical Center - Evere

Avenue Cicéron 191140 Evere
(Proche de l'OTAN - Woluwe - E411)

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