Chronic fatigue syndrome, muscular pains, digestive or hormonal troubles, blues…

It is now well known that these disorders are often caused by micronutrients deficits (vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, probiotics) and  free radicals excesses generated by stress. Micronutrition, a recent medical practice, is able to detect these health events that are responsible, ten or twenty years later, of cardiovascular disease (stroke, hypertension, myocardial infarction), chronic degenerative diseases (diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease,…), depression and cancer. Thanks to a specific nutritional medical care, the micronutritionist prevents and corrects these disorders. This will allow the patient to recover healthiness and life comfort without using the usual medicines.

To whom is micronutrition available?

To everybody, from the new born to the elder, including sportspeople, pregnant women, through menopause…depending on each purpose targeted. Some may look for preventive cares in order to stay healthy, while sportspeople want to improve their performances without disturbing their metabolism, which is opposed to doping. Micronutrition will optimize the results through the restoring of diverse metabolism processes and will often help to reduce the dosages of prescribed medicines

Is it necessary to do analysis to achieve a micronutritional balance?

The testing is not an obligation, except in complicated cases. For example, people who have many restrictive diets are often deficient in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which will hinder any weight loss and will also have a negative effect on their health. In this case, a balance of fatty acids will save much time and allow a "supplementation" of oils suitable for deficiencies. Otherwise, in most cases, the use of different questionnaires that have been developed is sufficient and gives excellent results.

Are all courses of micronutrients equal ?

All Micronutritional supplements on the market are not equivalent. For best results, it is important that the supplements administered are absorbed at a sufficient rate by the digestive system. This will depend largely on the form (galenic) in which the micronutrients are administered. The proper choice of the galenic form as well as the dosage are the responsibility of the pharmacist, the only true specialist in drug and food toxicology. This will also prevent negative or positive interactions among various micronutritional supplements, foods, as well as any medications being used.

What happens during a consultation?

The pharmacist-micronutritionist will initially identify the origin of your health disturbances. To strengthen their listening and specify your symptoms, he will use micronutritional diagnostic tools, such as those developed by the EIDM (European Institute of dietary and micronutrition) : • Some simple questions about your diet and nutrition behavior will help identify your unhealthy diet and suspect some micronutrient deficiencies. • A more detailed investigation will highlight the problems mentioned spontaneously or ignored. • A survey of current drug treatments are also needed to highlight potential drug and micronutrient interactions. The results can sometimes justify a further biological exploration. It confirms that the first phase highlighted and refines the balance sheet. Analysis of these surveys and assessments is the starting point for a personal consultation for a return to a functional balance. The duration of the consultation is about 30 minutes on average.

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