Dietetics is the science of applying the principles of nutrition to the diet by studying the relationship between nutrition and human physiology. It must promote a balanced nutrition to those in good health as well as those in a more fragile state of health. It does so on an individual basis as well as a collective one. Dietetics is a paramedical profession having a preventive and therapeutic objective.

Preventive :

  • Designing of balanced menus for children, teenagers, adults, the elderly and pregnant women
  • Designing of menus for specific population such as sportsmen or newborns …
  • Overall information on breakfast, breast feeding…

Therapeutic :

  • In order to insure balanced nutrition, the dietician designs menus to deal with various pathology such as diabetes or obesity and cardiovascular, renal or digestive conditions
  • The dietician teaches the patient on how to make his or her own menus by providing the information. The patient then modifies his/her nutritional habits and make efforts by receiving updated nutritional counseling
  • The dietician, a nutritional technician, must adapt his counsel to each individual and ensure that eating remains a pleasurable experience or becomes one


Consultations are possible on site and remotly (via Skype, Messenger, ...).

For hcmc Kraainem:Mathilde Malaise
+32 473 17 91 49
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For hcmc Boitsfort: Valérie Gheenens:
+32 477 44 36 86
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ID Skype: valeriegheenens


HCMC Kraainem

Health and Care Medical Center - Kraainem

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HCMC Boitsfort

Health and Care Medical Center - Boitsfort

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