Welcome to the luxury and convenience of youthful spa benefits at home The specially system designed, together with the  daily skin care regimen, gives you the power to maintain a young looking skin by targeting ageing at its source.

Small, smart and powerful, the System  features patented self-adjusting currents and interchangeable conductors for the face, scalp and body. Together with specially formulated treatment products, this system delivers up to five times more key anti-ageing  ingredients to your skin than the previous instrument. *A seven-day third party clinical study with 30 women using  Serum daily and the System three times a week, November 2009. Combine spa results with the unprecedented scientific discovery of system and achieve phenomenal skin that will keep everyone guessing your age. Video

This system is for sale at the Health Center HCMC located in Kraainem, near the center of Brussels - Belgium - Price: 360,96€!! all taxes included

  For any further information, do not hesitate to call us at +32 (0)2/688.18.00. or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can order your system by email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The secretary is also empowered to give you any information,  make a demonstration  as well as to sell it (02/688 18 00)

HCMC Kraainem

Health and Care Medical Center - Kraainem

Avenue de Wezembeek, 106 – 1950 Kraainem
(Bruxelles à 2 pas de Stockel Woluwe Wezembeek Oppem
accès rapide depuis l’ OTAN)

HCMC Boitsfort

Health and Care Medical Center - Boitsfort

Dries, 53 – 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort
(Bruxelles à 2 pas d’Ixelles av Louise Uccle Auderghem Etterbeek
très accessible depuis la commission européenne)

HCMC Evere

Health and Care Medical Center - Evere

Avenue Cicéron 191140 Evere
(Proche de l'OTAN - Woluwe - E411)

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