The method

This method was developed by Dr. Bach in England in the 1920s. Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent Londoner doctor and bacteriologist had an important practice, which allowed him to find that patients with the same disease  and receiving the same medical treatment do not heal all.
So he decided to do some research and concluded that patients who do not heal or that are sick again are in  emotional imbalances. For Dr. Bach, body and personality-mind-soul are inseparable.


Bach Flowers

These emotional imbalances weaken the body and can promote the onset of diseases or disrupt the action of the medication.
The Bach Flowers do not replace medication (which heals the body) ; they are rather a wonderful support allowing the patient to better benefit from the effects of the mediaction.
It is in the nature that Dr. Bach found the wild flowers and spring water that would be the basis of the 38 flower essences or Bach Flowers that we know today, and also the emergency remedy, known as the RESCUE REMEDY.
Flower remedies are divided into 7 groups: fear, uncertainty, lack of interest for the  present, loneliness,hypersensitivity to influences & ideas, depression / despair and excessive concern for others.


Who can benefit from the Bach Flowers ?

Each of us is confronted with events and everyone reacts in his own way; too much  or too little.
It is important not to stay too long in the emotional imbalance  to not weaken the body and promote the emergence of diseases.
Totally natural, these flowers essences can proposed to babies, children, teen-agers, pregnant women, old persons,  persons in later life and even pets!
After a one-hour interview with Advisor Bach Flowers, the customer and not patient because we are not doctors, will prepare the bottle with which he will leave, which contain flowers essences that have been highlighted by mutual agreement with the customer.


How to take the Bach Flowers and for how long ?

Bach Flowers should be taken for at least three weeks , two drops four times a day if it is pure flowers essences / four drops four times a day or two sprays four times a day for the Rescue Remedy and four drops at least four times a day or more if necessary, in the case of the mixture of dilution containing several flowers essences.
The drops can be taken either directly on the tongue pure or diluted in water, coffee,tea,…, to drink slowly.
No need to put more drops than four because the rebalancing will be gradual and according to the rhythm of each flower; some faster than others.


The monitoring

The Bach Flowers Advisor offers to the customer to meet again three weeks later for an update, to see if taking these flowers remedies must be pursued ,if we keep some and add others  or it  can be stopped because the emotions that were unbalanced the day of the interview are now ok.
This interview three weeks later may also be canceled at least 48 hours in advance if the customer feels good!
To ensure the high efficiency of this method, we insist that the respect of dosage is essential; Your Bach Flowers Advisor obviously remain at your disposal for any questions.



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